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Windows 10/8/7
Last update: Mar 28, 2017 v2.4.5 (2451)

Mac (OS 11.x Big Sur to 10.9 Mavericks)
Last update: May 10, 2021 v2.4.6 (2462)

Mac (OS 10.8 Mountain Lion to 10.6 Snow Leopard)
Last update: Oct 21, 2018 v2.4.4 (2441) Final update for OS < 10.9

Note to users of previous versions: Update to v2.4 is highly recommended. Older versions of Across Lite are no longer supported.

These are free downloads for personal use.

Across Lite crosswords for the iPad

Across Lite Crosswords v4.1 for the iPad
(Click/Tap icon for free download from App Store)
Free versions for other operating systems including Android are currently not available while they are under development.

Technical Support Area for Across Lite

Windows: v2.4.5 fixes a timer stopping issue; v2.4.4 fixes a scoreboard issue; v2.4.3 fixes a printing layout issue; v2.4.2 fixes font selection issue; v2.4.1 fixes a printing issue

Mac: v2.4.6 fixes printing glitches; v2.4.5 Universal binary runs natively on both Intel and Apple M cpus; Dark mode (Mojave and later); Cosmetic improvements for contrast & clarity; Timer bug fix; Pencil toggle fix for multi-letter entry

Learn how to solve crosswords like an expert

Across Trainer for the iPad

Across Crossword Trainer
(for the iPad)

"The crossword software, the iPad was designed for".

Introducing the third generation of Across Software, the most sophisticated crossword software ever built. See highlights...

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