Across Lite for Mac OS Installation

The installation consists of two separate and necessary steps. Both steps must be completed before you are able to use the program for solving crosswords. The download page leads you through these steps. Please follow them carefully.

Here is a summary of the steps:

Step 1. Download the Across Lite software

The software download will be an Apple disk image with a file extension of .dmg and will be placed in the Downloads folder used by the web browser. This file CONTAINS the Across Lite program but is NOT the Across Lite program by itself. So, do NOT copy this downloaded .dmg file to your Applications folder. You must do Step 2 next.

Step 2. Install Across Lite program in Applications folder

Find the downloaded .dmg file in Downloads folder and Click on it (double-click if necessary). This will open a Finder window with two icons. One icon for the Across Lite program and one for the Applications folder.

Inside this Finder window, click the mouse on Across Lite program and drag it and drop over the Applications folder icon in the same window. This copies the program into your Applications folder. Verify in Finder that you now have the program listed as Across Lite in your Applications folder. If so, you may now delete the downloaded .dmg file which is no longer necessary.

If you run into problems in downloading, check the Troubleshooting section on Installation problems.

Common problems to avoid: