Across Lite for Windows Installation

The installation consists of two separate and necessary steps. Both steps must be completed before you are able to use the program for solving crosswords. The download page leads you through these steps. Please follow them carefully.

Here is a summary of the steps:

Step 1. Download the Across Lite software

Important: What you download from the website is an installation program that will install Across Lite not the Across Lite program itself. You must perform the next step after you download.

The software download is a file called acl2Install.msi (acl2setup.exe for older versions of Windows). Your web browser should automatically save this file for you in the Downloads folder (and also accessible from the Downloads icon in the browser's toolbar).

Note again that what you are downloading here is NOT the crossword program itself but an installation program that extracts the crossword program and installs it. You will later delete this file after the installation.

Step 2. Install the Across Lite software

Depending on the web browser, you may automatically get a choice to install the downloaded program. If you do, choose to do so. Otherwise, click (or double-click if necessary) on the downloaded installation program to start the installation and follow the installation directions. This will make Across Lite available in your Windows/Start menu. If installation was successful, clicking on any puzzle downloaded from the Internet should automatically open in Across Lite program.

If you run into problems in installing, check the Troubleshooting section on Installation problems.

Common problems to avoid: