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Problem: There is a tiny window on top of the puzzle grid where I can enter letters but I cannot enter solution anywhere else or do anything else in the program.

Solution: What you are seeing is the edit window for entering multiple letters that go into the same cell. It comes up if you click on Insert key on your keyboard. You can click on Esc key to dismiss that window if you want it to ignore whatever has been entered into the edit window. Click on return if you want the program to take the letters you have entered (up to 8 letters) as the solution for the current cell.

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Problem: I open a crossword but (i) I cannot see the clues or (ii) I cannot see the puzzle grid.

Solution: The clue and grid areas in Across Lite are resizeable and are separated by bars that can be clicked and dragged to relatively resize the areas within the Across Lite window. Sometimes, these bars get pulled towards one end or the other making one of those areas too small to be seen. Look for a separator bar near the edges of the Across Lite window and click and drag it towards the middle to expose the areas on either side of the bar.

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Problem: The timer does not appear anymore.

Solution: First, use the Options command in Across Lite to select the Tool preferences and ensure that the Timer is installed (there should be a list item for the Timer). If the button below the list reads Enable, then click on it and see if the Timer appears. If the button says Disable (which means the Timer is enabled) and you do not see the Timer, then follow the instructions below.

The timer window can be moved and placed relative to the Across Lite window. It moves whenever you move the Across Lite window to keep the same relative position with respect to the Across Lite window. Sometimes, when the Across Lite window is moved towards one of the edges of the computer screen or the video resolution is changed, the timer may be placed outside the visible screen. To test this, move the Across Lite window towards different edges of the screen as much as you can and see if the Timer appears at the far edge. If it does, drag the Timer towards the Across Lite window and place it over the Across Lite window or close to it. Now move the Across Lite window to where you would like to work with it.

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Problem: The symbol palette to enter symbols into the picture does not seem to have any meaningful symbols in it but has strange characters.

Solution: These symbols are provided by a special font called Webdings that are part of most standard Windows operatig system install. It appears that this font may have been corrupted or removed on your computer. You can either install this from your Windows Operating System CD or download the Microsoft Webdings installer and run this program to install the font.

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Problem: I click on Print Puzzle (or Solution) on the toolbar but nothing happens.

Solution: The one click command uses a printer designated as the default printer on your computer. If there is more than one printer installed on your computer, make sure you check the printer designated as the default printer for the output. This may have changed inadvertantly. If there is no printer installed or there is no default printer, then nothing will be printed. Use the Printer and Faxes command in Start->Settings menu to install a printer and/or designate a printer as default.

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Problem: The puzzle does not print correctly. Lines are missing in the puzzle grid or additional random lines appear on the page.

Solution: Most likely, the printer driver for your printer is defective or has become corrupted. We recommend downloading the latest printer driver from your printer's manufacturer's web site and installing it. That should correct problems like these.

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Problem: I change a setting in the options menus. But the program does not remember the changed setting.

Solution: After you change a setting, you must click on the Apply button for the change to be registered before exiting from the dialog box.

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